What Happens When You Drink Lots of Water?


Water makes up 60% of the human body, so it makes sense that we should seek to constantly replenish this major building block.

There has recently been a craze around drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated. But what exactly does drinking plenty of water do to help you? Today, I'm sharing 7 benefits of staying hydrated. I hope they inspire you to consume more H2O!

You lose weight more easily
Numerous studies show that people who drink more water consume fewer calories in a day and maintain a lower weight. This is because our body may misinterpret hunger cues as thirst cues, so loading up on water can suppress our appetite and minimize mindless snacking.

You become stronger and faster
When we work out, we lose water through sweat. If we become dehydrated, we lose strength and feel fatigued. It's important to refuel our bodies by drinking plenty of water, which helps our muscles and heart perform at their best. Don't be fooled by all the advertisements promoting sports drinks during workouts, and make sure to drink plain water while resting in between activities. 

You feel energized
All the cells in our body contain water and are surrounded by water. When there isn't a steady supply of water in our bodies, our cells function more slowly, and are unable to absorb nutrients or get rid of harmful waste. Though the recommended amount of water intake is eight 8-oz glasses of water (64 ounces, or 2 liters) a day, I would recommend drinking what feels right for you. Everybody is different, and the level of energy they expend per day will vary depending on the regular activities they do. For instance, I sit at a desk job from 9-5 every weekday. I aim to have 2 1/2 bottles of water in my 17 oz S'well bottle at work, and 3-4 glasses of water at home.

You have better focus & memory
According to research published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, one of the most reliable predictors of decline in memory and mental performance is dehydration. Our brains are largely dependent on having the proper amount of fluids to work properly.

You have less headaches
One of the biggest culprits for headaches is dehydration. Fatigue is another contributor to headaches - and drinking water helps fight fatigue.

Your skin becomes radiant
Our skin retains its youthful look with the help of moisture and elasticity, both of which are supported by proper hydration. Just as moisturizing our skin helps from without, drinking water helps from within.

You save money
The best things in life are free - and water is no exception to this old adage. By choosing water over sodas, flavored waters, or coffee, you'll reap all the benefits we just discussed above and have some extra money in your pocket to save for later or treat yourself!